Supporting Premier Lifeline

Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline is a confidential telephone helpline offering emotional and spiritual support from a Christian perspective along with a listening ear and prayer.

For over 22 years, Premier Lifeline has been available to take calls from people wanting someone to talk to and in need of help. In that time we have taken over 1.3 million calls.

To meet the ever increasing number of calls, we are seeking to grow our service to ensure that everyone who needs help from Premier Lifeline is able to receive it when they call.

To enable Premier Lifeline to grow to meet this need more resources are desperately needed to expand this vital service.

It will cost approximately £382,500 this year to fund Premier Lifeline (increasing incrementally each year as we grow the service). This includes our operational costs, support staff and trainers so that we can train more volunteers, and support the Lifeline Team as they take calls.

Our aim over the next five years is to make Premier Lifeline available 24/7 and answer the calls of all those in need from across the United Kingdom. We need your help over the coming years to fulfil this aim.

Do you know what's the cost for each call made to Premier Lifeline?

£2.50 for each call made to Premier Lifeline

We believe that we must be there at the caller’s point of need.

Can you prayerfully provide a gift to help fund Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline?

Your support will make a powerful difference for hundreds of thousands across the UK who are in need of Christ’s hope and help!

Thank you for your generosity.