Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline is a confidential telephone helpline offering a listening ear, emotional and spiritual support from a Christian perspective, prayer and signposting

Premier Lifeline is open 9am to midnight every day of the year. Our telephone number is 0300 111 0101 (Landline Rate - included in call packages where landline calls are included). If you would like someone to talk to and pray for you, give us a call.



Premier Lifeline supports thousands of people every month and in June 2013 took its one millionth call.

Currently, Premier Lifeline operates 15 hours per day, 7 days a week throughout the year and has 180 volunteers supporting thousands of people a month who are in need. Over the last year we have received 152,000 calls from people in need. 

Premier Lifeline is committed to offering a first class service and in the past has achieved the quality standard awarded by the Telephone Helplines Association and the Mental Health Helplines Partnership.


In July 2013 Premier Lifeline entered into a call-sharing partnership with four other Christian Helplines (Crosslines in Plymouth, Coventry, Hull and Scunthorpe), and launched The National Christian Helpline with our new shared number: 0300 111 0101.  This is a non-geographical number charged at the standard landline rate and is included in call packages which include calls to landlines.


Premier Lifeline is affiliated to several professional bodies, including the Christian Helplines Association (CHA), Christian Healing UK (CHUK), and is part of the community of The Helplines Partnership (THP).

A vision for the future

Demand for the Premier Lifeline service is significantly higher than our ability to respond, and is growing.

Therefore, we are seeking to increase the number of dedicated, fully-trained volunteers who can be there for people in need, so that we can answer all the calls that come in.

We need:

·         To recruit volunteers to answer the calls

·         To recruit staff to train and support the volunteers

·         To raise funds to support our developing work

Our vision is to develop a truly National Christian Helpline service which is available to those who need us 24/7, 365 days of the year.  

In order to achieve this, Premier Lifeline needs your help:

·         Your prayers

·         £382,500 to fund Premier Lifeline this year

·         500 new volunteers in the next 5 years

Please support Premier Lifeline so it can continue its vital work with the lonely, isolated, distressed and those spiritually in need, in whatever way you can.  

National Christian Helpline Partners

Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline entered into a call-sharing partnership with the four Crossline Helplines in July 2013. 

Premier Lifeline provides the number and the call divert system to facilitate the call-sharing arrangement, to maximise the ability to answer calls from the public as we work together.

Our Call-sharing Partners

Crossline Plymouth


Crossline began as a result of Mary Whitehouse, the moral standards campaigner in the 1960s, calling Gordon Wright, a Christian counsellor working in Plymouth. She asked him what he was going to do about the disturbed people coming away from the cinema having watched the film “The Exorcist”. This film, like many films today, was having a profound effect on the people who had been to see it, many of whom needed ministry afterwards. In response, Gordon got together a number of Christian friends and handed out leaflets telling people where they could get help if needed. That helping hand became known as Crossline. From that initial organisation, a number of Crossline organisations were formed. The first was Crossline Plymouth which is a project of Plymouth City Mission.




Crossline Coventry

Crossline Coventry has been operating since January 1992 and is a project of Coventry City Mission. Crossline Coventry was instrumental in the formation of the Christian Helplines Association. 





Crossline Hull opened on September 14th 1998. Crossline Hull has the support of over ninety churches in the Hull area making it one of the major ministries in the area.




Crossline Scunthorpe and District

Crossline Scunthorpe and District was originally established to serve their local area, but joined with the other Crosslines to form part of the National Christian Helpline service.

Premier Lifeline Affiliations

Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline is a member of the following umbrella organisations:

Christian Helplines Association 

Premier Lifeline is a founder member of the Christian Helplines Association which links Christian Helplines to provide support, encouragement and quality of service.

Christian Healing UK (CHUK)


Premier Lifeline is a member of Christian Healing UK - an affiliation of Christian healing organisations and healing advisors across the UK, based on mutual support, respect and friendship.

Helplines Partnership

Premier Lifeline is a member of the community of the Helplines Partnership
(previously the Telephone Helplines Association and Mental Health Helplines Partnership)

On June 10th 2015 Premier Lifeline celebrated the twentieth anniversary of taking its first call. Over that time the volunteers, called Lifeliners, have answered more than 1.1 million calls from people needing to talk, share and be prayed with.

Each Lifeliner has undergone a thorough 50 hour training process to prepare them to take calls, and on average they give around 200 hours each per year to support callers.

When the proposal for a Christian Radio Station for London was put forward, it was recognised that there needed to be a means by which people could respond to what they heard in the broadcasts in the same way existing media organisations such as the BBC or ITV offered helplines. Premier Lifeline was established to offer this response mechanism by providing a listening ear, someone to talk to and emotional support, (similar to the Samaritans) all with the addition of spiritual support from a Christian perspective along with the offer of prayer, and, when appropriate, signposting to specialist organisations.

As the Presenters and Production Staff prepared to launch Premier Christian Radio, the volunteers were being trained to answer calls from the public to Premier Lifeline, its very own Confidential Christian Helpline.

At 3pm on June 10th 1995, both Premier Christian Radio and Premier Lifeline went live. In that first week Premier Lifeline took 314 calls. Call numbers steadily increased and the first milestone of 100,000 calls was reached on January 5th 1999, soon after the arrival of Jonathan Clark, the current Director for Premier Lifeline. On June 10th 2013, Premier Lifeline took its one millionth call, and in the year to April 2015 over 70,000 calls were answered. Now the team take 250 calls per day.