"I didn't know where to turn"
"I needed someone to talk to, listen to me, and be there for me at my time of need"
"I wanted a friendly voice that was patient and understanding, not giving advice, being critical or condemning, but just willing to listen"

Premier Lifeline aims to be a listening ear at the end of your telephone line, providing a confidential anonymous place for you to talk about whatever you wish without fear of judgement or rejection.

Premier Lifeline is a space for you to express your concerns, discuss your uncertainties and work through your problems.

"I want to talk to someone who has a similar worldview to my own"
"Someone who shares my belief in God and my faith in Jesus"
"I want to know that the person I am speaking to is willing to pray for, and with me, believing that God can change my situation"
"I also want someone who believes in the importance of the Bible as the Word of God"

Premier Lifeline is staffed by Christian volunteers who are able to offer emotional and spiritual support.

Premier Lifeline offers a response to the challenges of life from a Christian perspective and a willingness to take issues to God in prayer.

Premier Lifeline is a place to explore faith, forgiveness and reconciliation. Whether a person is seeking God for the first time, looking to return to faith, or struggling with doubt, our team are there to come alongside on the phone to support you in your journey of faith.

"I am alone and cannot get out as much as I used to. I need someone to share my concerns with"
"I used to speak to my loved one, but they are no longer here. I just need someone to tell how I am feeling, share my day with and talk to about the things that are worrying me" 

Premier Lifeline offers a place where you can share about your daily life.

If you are lonely or isolated, it can be the friendly voice you need at the end of the telephone line.

For those who are coping with worry or health problems and are afraid to talk to others, Premier Lifeline can be the place to find support in total confidence, knowing that it is a safe place and that you are anonymous.

Sometimes friends and family are just too close, too involved, or you are too embarrassed to talk with them about certain issues. At times like these, an anonymous voice at the end of the line is comforting, as you know you will never meet them and what is said stays within Lifeline.