Susan was alone...

I had an illness. It was getting worse and worse and I could get to church less and less. I live on my own. I could not go out for months on end sometimes and I couldn’t bear to have people come in either because I wasn’t well enough. 

To be able to phone Premier Lifeline, to be able to pray with such wonderful Christians and to pray through anxieties and worries has been a gift from God.
Thank you for what you are doing.

Graham was feeling low...

My mother passed away.

She was the person that guided me through life, the decisions I took, so I think when she passed away I felt literally lost.

It really felt like Premier Lifeline was there to help me. I frequently used the Lifeline when I needed that one to one support…which really helped me, especially when I felt very low and felt that I didn’t have the strength to pray. It was really nice to have someone else there praying with me.

The things that I thought were impossible came true.  I really saw a miracle in my life! How my life changed, my whole direction changed!

Tina wanted someone to talk to...

I got divorced five and a half years ago after 34 years of marriage partially due to my mental health problems. I’m now living alone which I find very lonely at times. I attend a local church on Sundays and I’ve made some friends there but listening to Premier helps a lot.

On one occasion I telephoned Premier Lifeline. I was very upset. I spoke to a lovely lady and she prayed with me and that helped so much that day. I know that if I need help or if I get really low, they’re there and I can just phone and talk to someone.